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Please share your opinion about Legal Shield

So whats your opinion about Legal Shield ? This website list many articles concerning past articles about  Pre Paid Legal, but is it fair to judge Legal Shield, by Pre Paid Legal's past ? Are the two company's the same ? Please share your comments :

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Legal shield / Prepaid legal profits from sales force

Dear Dave,
Do you have an opinion on whether or not pre-paid legal is a product worth purchasing?

Dear Jeff
I’m not mad about pre-paid legal. But a lot of folks who recommend and advocate it don’t like me very much, because I tell people it’s a bad idea. Here’s why: Pre-paid legal will cost you about $300 a year. If you take $300 a year, and multiply that out over 10 years, you’re looking at $3,000. The truth is that the average American consumer doesn’t spend $3,000 on legal bills in this amount of time.
Lots of people will tell you that you miss out on tons of opportunities by not having a lawyer ready to jump into things. That’s a bunch of garbage! Once in a great while you may need the services of an attorney, but think about this: If the average person spent $3,000 or more over the course of 10 years on legal bills, while pre-paid legal took $3,000 from each of these people, pre-paid legal would go broke, wouldn’t it? They’d be handing out more in legal services than they receive in fees!
On average, you’ll come out better if you self-insure by having a good emergency fund in place. That way, you’ll have the money to pay for legal services should the need arise. And part of the reason you’ll have the money in place is because you didn’t give it to someone else—like pre-paid legal!

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Prepaid legal sucks old site

Entangled by the Internet web.

In 2001 Prepaid legal began to offer their associates websites as a new marketing tool for $19.95per month to market prepaid legal online this helped Prepaid legals profits but exposed
 many associates  to information previously unavailable at weekly meetings.

I believe the Internet exposed prepaid legal to greater scrutiny . Before using Internet Marketing,
Most sales persons marketed the product on a one on one bases or door to door just like the Jehovah witnesses. Can you image Jehovah witnesses trying to recruit people on the Internet ?
There's a good reason for some products to be marketed offline were the information is very limited.

 The Internet  wonderful source of information.       

Sales assoicates began using the internet more and less personal contacts. The internet marketing tools were great for Prepaid legal's profits but Not for the average associate.

While online its natual to search for answers to you marketing problems, see how other associates are
listed on the search engines or compare websites.

Then it happens you see negitive complaints about prepaid legal being a MLM Scam !
At first you can't believe someone would say bad things about prepaid legal, then you begain reading
the articles with web links to other negitive opinions.
You read about law suits against prepaidlegal former associates.
Articles about the investigations

''Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive''
.... Have you ever had to tell and re-tell and build upon a single lie?
  How did that work for ya'll

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zombie Sales Force

In 2001 several of us predicted the apocalypse of prepaid legal,  like Gail Aird, and myself .
We warned attempted to warn others, telling them that Prepaid legal was a very bad business to be involved with  some believing Prepaid legal was a scam. I published Prepaidlegal sucks the first a consumer site,
of its kind. We wanted to warn others about Prepaid Legals misleading statements about the membership and Prepaid legal MLM business opportunity.

We were called everything in the book, Prepaid legal Associates said we were  losers, whiners, and complainers. I only wanted to voice my concerns about many irregularities witnessed
as a member and sales associate. Hoping to help others, avoid losing their hard earn money as I had done.

I was later vindicated after exposing :The  Savula's article on my website and forwarding this article to people of interest.a copy of its in-house magazine distributed to salespeople last year, Pre-Paid board member David A. Savula wrote: "All you have to know is the word: Yes. Does our product cover everything? Yes. So if somebody asks does it cover this or does it cover that, we're going to say, 'Yes.' 

Prepaid Legal settled- paying millions.
   Glad I could help !

I'm thankful to have helped inform thousands with information provided to reporters and listing facts on a very simple website. Prepaid Legal has never offered an apology to me nor addressed any of my concerns even after I choose to turn off my complaint website. Therefore I decided to publicize to ongoing issues even after
a name change.

I had been  scammed ! Research  back then was very difficult to find online. No one had taken time to dig deeper into Prepaid Legal’s filings with the S.E.C; Corporations must make quarterly reports to investors and the  Public as requirement, allowing trading on Wall Street: A reporter like Melissa Davis reporting for

Prepaid Legal was de-listed from Wall Street and became Legal Shield a New  Zombie Company .

Prepaid legal associates also said we were short sellers, who were attempting to profit from driving prepaid legal stock down, Not true. The fact we’re
still here, and Prepaid Legal, PPD is no longer traded on Wall Street. This should reassure you we have no vested interest in prepaid legal.

For over 30 years Prepaid legal was an up an coming business, traded on the NYSE earning millions for some, while costing others thousands of dollars, hoping to join the 1%.

I recently discovered many, and I mean Many, Online Complaints against Prepaid Legal are again becoming difficult to locate. Defenders of Prepaid Legal or Legal Shield  have a vised interest to cover up all negative

Some of these defenders are delusional associates who fail to do any research, choosing to only listen to the talking heads at the corporate office.

Some may be hired paid to blog workers hired by Public Relation firms , these bloggers are paid to post favorable articles as a type of online press release. Some  monitor message boards only to post messages
for the purpose of pushing the negative comments down the message board and out of site of viewers.

Other defenders of Prepaid legal will use false keywords on websites to push complaint websites down the search engines out of site of viewers on the third or fourth page.

To remedy Perpaid legal sensering , I will except only post from consumers wanting to share opposing views of Prepaid legal. Share your opinions or concerns about Prepaid Legal memberships and the Prepaid Legal business opportunity. All  post will be reviewed before posting
This blog will later be added to a consumer website, either or

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They want your Brains!

                                                                                                                  Jeff Ginter